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Welcome to Emerald!


Emerald is a Year 3 class for truly EPIC learners! Every day is spent exploring, persevering, becoming more independent and learning to communicate our ideas, working together as a team with our teacher, Mrs Farr.

We enjoy celebrating and sharing our achievements and have lots of fun learning new things together and this page is designed to keep you up to date with what we are learning.

Parents are always welcome to phone or come and have a chat with Mrs Farr if there are any concerns or questions.


A few reminders:

We have Outdoor P.E every Friday and Indoor PE every Wednesday. Please make sure you always have the correct kit in school every week including a spare pair of socks as we do go outside unless the weather is really terrible and the field can be very wet and boggy.

Our homework is always issued on a Thursday and a letter for parents will always be included to explain the tasks. Spellings are issued every other week and we have a spelling test every two weeks on a Friday.

All children have access to the School Library and can have two books out at a time. We visit regularly in class and children can visit during lunchtime once a week too.

All children have log-ins for Times Table Rock Stars to encourage then to develop quick recall of their multiplication facts and we can use Purple Mash both at home and school – please check your child is keeping their log-in secure. Our Purple Mash site is a great way of encouraging your child to take an interest in their learning and show you exactly what they have been working on in class.

Spring Term News:


We have just finished learning about the Ancient Egyptians and their Glorious Gods!

We each painted a brick to make a classroom pyramid we could sit inside and used mod-roc to create Canopic Jars.

Please do take a look at our photographs!


We had a super Science Week where we discovered everything we could about pulleys and levers! These simple machines make lifting easier. We discovered that if you have enough pulleys you can even lift yourself!


 Over the next few weeks we will be setting off to the Rainforest and exploring the habitat and effect humans can have on an environment.

We had a fantastic 'Explorer' Day to start our topic using compasses, building stick towers and toasting marshmallows! 


We also managed to squeeze in dressing up for World Book Day! Great fun and a wonderful way to get excited about our favourite reads!


Don't forget! At the end of this term, parents are invited to 'Look in on our Learning' and can share all that we do - information about the date and time will appear on Parent Mail but we're very sorry, we've already eaten all the marshmallows!

Glorious Gods!

Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3

Explorer Day!

Explorer Day! 1
Explorer Day! 2
Explorer Day! 3
Explorer Day! 4
Explorer Day! 5
Explorer Day! 6

World Book Day 2018