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Welcome to Emerald!


Emerald is a Year 3 class are  truly EPIC learners! Every day is spent exploring, persevering, becoming more independent and learning to communicate our ideas, working together as a team with our teachers Mrs Pieniek and Mrs Mock.

We enjoy celebrating and sharing our achievements and have lots of fun learning new things together and this page is designed to keep you up to date with what we are learning.

Parents are always welcome to phone or come and have a chat with Mrs Pieniek and Mrs Mock. if there are any concerns or questions.


Spring Term 2019

Reading books and Reading diaries everyday

Swimming Kits on Wednesday

Outdoor PE kit on Fridays


This weeks Spellings

We are looking at words with different spelling patterns for the 'sh' sound.

Here are a few:

sugar     machine     mission    special   

sure      chef           tissue      official

Can you find any more?



Use your log in at home to practise

your times tables!





Smashing Saxons!

This term we will be looking at evidence to find out about life in Britain at the time of the Anglo Saxons and how they have impacted on our lives today.

We will use the Beowulf legend to develop our writing - watch out for some of our own Defeating a Monster tales!




We have started French lessons this term with Madame Lopeman and we are really enjoying it!

Today we used songs to help us with numbers to ten.




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