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The P.S.A. is a thriving body, which plays a significant part in school life. Its aim, “to further the wellbeing of children in school,” is met in many ways.


The social events, which the P.S.A. organise, are very well supported and are aimed to help strengthen links between home and school, as well as raising valuable funds.


The P.S.A. is attended by parents and teaching staff, as an open meeting. People can bring ideas, projects and requests. Parents are encouraged to attend without the need to become a committee member.


The P.S.A. holds fund raising events and the use of the money raised is discussed at the P.S.A. A.G.M., and monthly committee meetings.


The P.S.A. has helped to pay for the Computer Suite, purchased books, outdoor seating, wet play equipment, tire park, KS1 outdoor play equipment, equipment to help children with Special Educational Needs and funded special school events such as theatre and author visits. Their most recent project has been to financially support the purchase of new staging for school performances and support of the re-development of the Foundation Stage outdoor learning and play area.


The P.S.A. forms a strong bridge between school and home and everybody has an opportunity to get involved.


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