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Welcome to Ruby!


We are a fantastic Class of Year 2 children with two teachers called Mrs deRijk and Mrs Tolley.

We have had an exciting start so far this year, with many fun and interesting activities linked to our themes of ‘Food Glorious Food’ and ‘Keeping Healthy’.  We have just started our new theme 'Was Mr Fawkes a Good Guy?' where we are learning all about a person and event in history.  


We have Indoor PE on a Thursday afternoon and Outdoor PE on a Friday afternoon. We should make sure we have our PE kit with us AND that it is labelled!


We are encouraged to change our books by ourselves whenever we need to. We are allowed to borrow 2 books from the library; we can go and have a look on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  


We have Phonics homework and spellings every Thursday and this is due in on the following Tuesday. We also have ‘Exploring Our World’ homework ('three-in-a-row') each half term where we can choose from a selection of tasks.


Friday 16th November - Children in Need Day


We raised money for Children in Need by paying money to wear our pyjamas and spotty clothes to school.  We also baked and donated cakes to sell.

Our buddy class came to see us and together we wrote Pudsey Bear acrostic poems.  Class Ruby were able to include lots of exciting adjectives, verbs and adverbs - the focus of our learning over the last two weeks!

Remember Remember, the 5th of November! 

On Monday afternoon we were joined by parents and carers for our KS1 Inspiration Day.  The children have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and were keen to share this knowledge and Bonfire Night traditions with their grown-ups.  

Thank you to everyone who helped out by donating clothes to make the Guys, gave up their time to help us make them and to everyone who came along on Monday afternoon.  The children are really enthused by this historical event and are retaining facts, posing questions and creating fantastic pieces of writing about Guy Fawkes.    

Picture 1 Enjoying a Bonfire Night tradition.
Picture 2 Penny for the Guy relay racing.
Picture 3 Sequencing historical events.
Picture 4 Looking for clues to spell out Gunpowder.
Picture 5 Toasting marshmallows over the fire pit.
Picture 6 Burning our Guys!

Bug Club is now live!

Picture 1


Week beginning 15th October 2018

User names and passwords are going out this week. Login details can be found in the children's reading diaries and on special bookmarks. You should be able to login on computers or tablets. If you are having any difficulties please let us know. This is a fantastic resource and we hope you enjoy using it. 

Art Day - Wednesday 10th October

We have been learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours.  We found out how to make tints and tones, by adding white or black. 

We put all of these colours together to make a colour wheel.  

Finally we blended the colours to paint autumn leaves.  

Picture 1
Picture 2

Autumn term 2018 - What do we need to stay healthy?

We are beginning our work in Year 2 by looking at how we can keep ourselves healthy. On our Inspiration Day we tasted lots of different fruit and vegetables, finding out about where they came from and how they are grown. 


Picture 1

Power Maths 

This term we have introduced an exciting new way of teaching Mathematics called Power Maths.  It is a whole class mastery approach that challenges children to use their reasoning skills to problem solve. We are enjoying using lots of equipment to support our learning and enrich our understanding. 

We used lots of equipment to explore place value.

We used lots of equipment to explore place value.  1
We used lots of equipment to explore place value.  2
Thank you to all who contributed to our Tesco token collection...we await the outcome of all your efforts...