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Welcome to Ruby!


We are a fantastic Class of Year 2 children with two teachers called Mrs deRijk and Mrs Tolley.

We have had an exciting start so far this year, with many fun and interesting activities linked to our themes of ‘Florence Nightingale’ and ‘Whatever the Weather!’ However, we’ve got plenty of activities still ahead of us and we will try to post some of these as the weeks roll by.


We have Indoor PE on a Thursday afternoon and Outdoor PE on a Friday afternoon. We should make sure we have our PE kit with us AND that it is labelled!


We are encouraged to change our books by ourselves whenever we need to. We are allowed to borrow 2 books from the library; we go and have a look on most Tuesdays.


We have Phonics homework and spellings every Thursday and this is due in on the following Tuesday. We also have ‘Exploring Our World’ homework ('three-in-a-row') each half term where we can choose from a selection of tasks.


We all really enjoy using Purple Mash and Bug Club in school, we have been given our usernames and passwords for these but if they get lost we know we can go and speak to Mrs deRijk or Mrs Tolley.

Wednesday the 20th of June Pirate Sports Day

We had an amazing morning firing cannons, carrying grog and walking the plank! Well done me hearties and thank you to everyone who came to support us.

Hard working Pirates

Week beginning 21st May - Science Week!

This week we were investigating forces.  We explored push and pull movements using tennis balls and playdough.  At the end of the week we made predictions, carried out an investigation and discussed our results.  

Investigating forces

Investigating forces 1
Investigating forces 2
Investigating forces 3
Investigating forces 4

Pirate bandanas!

Friday 18th May

We had lots of swashbuckling fun making tie-dye bandanas. We learnt lots of different dyeing techniques like folding, crumpling and twisting. We used three different coloured dyes and we were so excited to see the finished results!

Pirate bandanas

Pirate bandanas 1 Dyeing our bandanas
Pirate bandanas 2 Removing the elastic bands.
Pirate bandanas 3
Pirate bandanas 4 The big reveal!
Pirate bandanas 5


This term we will be embarking on a swashbuckling learning adventure linked mostly to the exciting topic of pirates!


Our English work will be based on a number of different texts including: Narrative - The Pirate Next Door; Report - The Great White Shark; Narrative Fantasy Story - The Sandcastle; Newspaper Report - Pirates!

We will also be learning about the Oceans, Seas and Continents, tie-dying our own bandanas and making pirate shelters!

During Science Week, (21st-25th May) we will be investigating forces and Materials and we will be inviting you in to join in with some of these activities (letter to follow).

Our Pirate Inspiration Day - Monday 9th April 2018

Our Pirate Inspiration Day - Monday 9th April 2018 1 Creating a pirate face.
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - Monday 9th April 2018 2 Making booty!
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - Monday 9th April 2018 3 Drawing a skull and crossbones on our pirate hats.

Images from our 'Amazing Animals' Inspiration Day

Images from our 'Amazing Animals' Inspiration Day 1 Animal Puppets
Images from our 'Amazing Animals' Inspiration Day 2 Handling a Lizard
Images from our 'Amazing Animals' Inspiration Day 3 Stroking a Meerkat
Images from our 'Amazing Animals' Inspiration Day 4 Spider fun!
School Opens on Wednesday 29th August 2018