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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

Mountfields Lodge School


Welcome to Topaz!


We are:

 - a wonderful Year 1 Class!

- becoming more independent and put our things away by ourselves.

- very grown up! We even change our own reading books.

- a very caring class and are always thinking of ways to look after each other.

- very enthusiastic learners and always work hard.

- a class who loves singing and making up rhymes to help us remember things.


This year we will be using POWER MATHS a new exciting scheme and learning English skills through fantastic themes.


We have outdoor PE on a Wednesday and indoor PE on a Friday; so we need to have kit suitable for both.


Spellings and Phonics homework are issued on a Thursday and the Phonics homework should be returned on a Tuesday; we do a spelling check each Thursday. Also, we have a theme-based homework each term called ‘3-in-a-row’.


Please come and change reading books with your child at 8.50am if you wish to. You are always welcome to come in and see the staff in the class if you have any questions to ask or are concerned about anything.

Making Teeth

Making Teeth 1
Making Teeth 2
Making Teeth 3
Making Teeth 4
Making Teeth 5
Making Teeth 6
Making Teeth 7
Making Teeth 8
Making Teeth 9
Making Teeth 10
Making Teeth 11

Bug Club is now live!

Picture 1


Week beginning 15th October 2018

User names and passwords are going out this week. Login details can be found in the children's reading diaries and on special bookmarks. You should be able to login on computers or tablets. If you are having any difficulties please let us know. This is a fantastic resource and we hope you enjoy using it. 

On our exciting art day we focussed on colour mixing on the theme of Autumn. We also talked about and practised how to correctly use a paintbrush. To start, we blended colours on pieces of foil to see how many different shades could be made. We then collected leaves and glued some onto large tree outlines. After that we mixed colours by painting our hands and then shaking hands with  children who had different colours to us. We also painted and mixed two colours onto leaves and printed using them. We finished by learning about primary and secondary colours.


Squirrel Sabotage!

Squirrel Sabotage! 1 Going up to the field for the picnic
Squirrel Sabotage! 2 Going up to the field for the picnic
Squirrel Sabotage! 3 Squirrels scamper away and leave this mess
Squirrel Sabotage! 4 Mr Coleman is cross with the squirrels
Squirrel Sabotage! 5 Children go to look for clues
Squirrel Sabotage! 6 Mr Coleman reads a note that was found
Squirrel Sabotage! 7 Cheeky squirrels!

Representing numbers in different ways

Representing numbers in different ways 1
Representing numbers in different ways 2
Representing numbers in different ways 3
Representing numbers in different ways 4
Representing numbers in different ways 5
Representing numbers in different ways 6

Hello Year 1!

Our theme for this first Half Term is 'What do we need to Stay Healthy?' To kick-start this theme we tasted a variety of fruits and vegetables on Friday. You may have seen the Food Passports that came home in your child's book-bag on Friday. We tested: Aubergine, Avacado, Cauliflower, courgette, cabbage, melon, pineapple, lychee, mango, pepper! Which was your child's favourite?

Fruit and Vegetable Tasting

From now until Wednesday 31st October you will be able to vote for Mountfields Lodge in these Tesco stores: Loughborough - Park Road and The Rushes, Leicester - Express, Shepshed - Express, Sileby - Express. Thank you for your support - please spread the word!