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Mountfields Lodge School

Green Team Day 2!

Today was the second of our Green Team days in which we invite parents/carers to help with jobs in our school grounds. Today some of the the Eco-Committee were on hand to help too! Our first job for the morning was to clear a space for our 30 hedge saplings from the Woodlands Trust. There was a lot of stubborn ivy and brambles. We wanted to mask the metal fence and make it look more attractive. The team also pruned the fruit trees to help them become fruit bearing for eating! They were well overdue a chop.

Making welly-racks was a big part of the day too. We were lucky to have all of the wood for these donated by Harlows Wood. We had parents with power tools on hand to make great in-roads on these. We also planted lots of bulbs and primroses with the help of KS1 children.

We are planning to have another Green Team day in early March. A HUGE thank you to all of those who volunteered.