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Mountfields Lodge School

School Grounds Parent Action Day

Wednesday 22nd May

School Grounds Help Day

We had another fabulous day improving the amazing grounds at Mountfields Lodge. A huge thank you to the parent volunteers (and governor!) who came to help. We achieved a lot in one day and also had help from two Year 6 classes.

Some of the jobs completed included: Putting the hammocks up, finishing the woodland path, clearing nettles from around the FS playground, planting new willow plant to cover fences metal, filling and levelling holes in the new log-circle area, clearing and wood-chipping huge piles of sticks and brambles, creating more palette composting bins, dismantling rotten planters and general clearing of bricks, wood, weeds and more!

Thank you so much to Khadijah (3rd help day-veteran!), Laura, Lucy, Neil, Marion, Helen, Tracy, James and Clare. It was a great day and we plan to have another early in the Autumn term – focussing on the KS1 wild Area.         

A reminder: School is closed to ALL pupils on Wednesday 1st and 8th July 2020