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Pupil Mentor

All of the staff members in school are aware of the importance of children’s sense of wellbeing to their achievement in school. Parents may recognise signs of unhappiness or worry before it becomes apparent in school. We can usually sort out problems quickly if we know about them.


If you want to speak to your child’s teacher or the headteacher, you are welcome to call at any time to make an appointment.


We are fortunate to have our own Pupil Mentor, Mrs Carol Ghent. Mrs Ghent works with individuals and groups and her role and remit centres on the emotional, social and physical wellbeing of the children in our care. Children can request an appointment with Mrs Ghent and staff will signpost children and parents to access the service that Mrs Ghent provides.


For the last 10 years now we have run a service for our families whose children have had contact in school with our pupil mentor, Mrs Ghent, during the academic year, and those who haven’t! The service is a phone service that operates during school holidays (Christmas, Easter and the Summer) through which parents can make contact with Mrs Ghent, questions can be asked and advice requested. Mrs Ghent always does her best to answer any queries, signposting other avenues of support where necessary. A letter regarding this service detailing dates, times and contact details is shared ahead of each of these periods of school closure.


In term time, if parents wish to talk to Mrs Ghent an appointment may be requested via the School Office.