Mountfields Lodge School

Aim High, Reach for the Sky

Mountfields Lodge School

Meet The Staff



Head Teacher - Mr Michael Hoare
Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Iona Mock

Assistant Head Teacher - Mr Alex Coleman

Foundation Staff

Teachers - Mrs S. Clement, Mrs J. Noble, Mrs S. Johnstone
LSAs - Mr R. Peacock, Mrs K. Byham, Mrs R Bridges, Mrs G. Taylor, Mrs R. Patience

HLTA - Mrs Y Hayes

Key Stage 1:Year 1/2

Teachers - Mr A Coleman, Mrs H Dimmick, Mrs T Tolley, Mrs H DeRijk, Mrs L Richardson, Mrs R Craggs, Mrs C Rudkin
LSAs - Mrs H Shephard, Mrs S Hodkinson, Mrs D Mann

HLTA - Mrs M. Waldron, Mrs K Cole

Key Stage 2: Year 3/4 

Teachers - Mrs V Farr, Miss D Redgate, Miss K Clark, Mrs S Foldes, Mr D Morris, Miss K Beeken, Mrs S Haynes

HLTA - Mrs K Birbeck


Key Stage 2: Year 5/6

Teachers - Mr P Wilson, Mrs V Inglesant, Mrs C Moore, Mrs C Armitage, Ms K Tomlin, Mr M Evans

HLTA - Mrs K Cole, Mrs A Newport

SENCO - Mrs J. York (Mrs York may be contacted via the School Office)
SEN LSAs - Mrs D. Izzard, Mrs C. Wilkinson, Mrs S. Stewart, Mrs S. Patel, Mrs C. Pervin, Mr R. Woolley, Mrs K. Spicer, Mrs S. Church, Mrs J. Bradshaw, Mrs A Pennykid, Ms A Bennett, Ms C Darby, Mrs M Geary

French Teacher - Mrs D. Lopeman

IT Technician - Mr R Gegan
Pupil Mentor - Mrs C. Ghent

EAL Learning Mentor - Mrs S.Rajraji 



Business Manager - Mrs V. Thorley
Administrative Assistants - Mrs J. Fardell, Mrs J Ferguson, Miss M Chan
Administrative Officer - Mrs N. Thrower
Finance Officer - Mrs P. Hardman


Midday Supervisory Team

Mid-day Manager - Mrs C. Soar
Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs P. Knowles, Mrs B. O’Flynn, Mrs K. Tyler, Mrs Z. Yahya, Mrs G. Taylor, Mrs L. Elsegood, Mrs S. Rahman, Mrs C Alderson,  Mrs A Pennykid 



Cook Supervisor - Ms K. Barnett
Assistant Cook - Mrs V. McEwen
Kitchen Assistants - Mrs A. Barker, Mrs V. Brandon, Miss J. Barnett, Mr M Jeffrey



Premises Officer - Mr D Holland 
Premises Supervisor - Mrs A Barker 
Cleaners - Mrs C. Innes, Mrs L. Crump, Miss M. Sykes, Miss M Spicer 

(HLTA – Higher Level Teaching Assistant, LSA - Learning Support Assistant)

From now until Wednesday 31st October you will be able to vote for Mountfields Lodge in these Tesco stores: Loughborough - Park Road and The Rushes, Leicester - Express, Shepshed - Express, Sileby - Express. Thank you for your support - please spread the word!