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Pirate Sports Day - Wednesday 20th June


We had  fun doing pirate activities for Sports Day, including 'carry the grog' 'walk the plank', 'scrub the decks', jumping for gold' and 'canon ball throw'! Well done to all the children who took part - it was a great success!


Here we are looking splendid in our pirate bandanas:

Buddy Gardening!


We have been doing some gardening with our buddies recently and, on 13th June, we got involved with the Loughborough in Bloom celebrations to mark 100 years since WWI. We planted some flowers in boots used by real soldiers and these are going to be displayed in Loughborough town centre next month! We also weeded the raised beds, picked radishes and planted some new plants. It was great fun!


4th June


We are continuing our Science this week by looking at forces and floating and sinking.


Here are some children investigating what floats and sinks.


In Maths we are looking at division of numbers. We have already used hoops to help us to do this and will be continuing our division works into our Maths books later in the week.





Science Week - 21st May


It is Science Week in school so we are exploring Science and, in particular, the topic of Materials.


We will be looking at what things are made of, how that material is good for their purpose and how materials can be changed e.g. squashing, bending, heating and cooling.




In PE we will be having our last tennis lesson and in Computing we will continue to learn how to programme a beebot!


In Maths we are looking at using arrays for multiplication. On Monday we created arrays using materials we found outside:



9th May 2018


This week we are looking at pirate newspaper reports in English - please look at a newspaper at home with your child if you have any.


We are continuing our work on numbers to 100 including addition, subtraction and missing number problems in Maths.


Class Opal are still enjoying their tennis which is being taught by a specialised coach from Loughborough College.


We will also be taking part in the Great Plastic Pick Up on Friday 11th May. This a national litter picking event and will be taking place all weekend - we hope families can get involved when they are out and about over the weekend too - pick up as much plastic as you can and 'bin it' - thank you!





We are continuing our work on Pirates:

*in English with Pirate story writing, 

* looking at maps in EOW

* programming to help a beebot navigate around a treasure map in Computing.

* Pirate Pilates in PE


We are continuing our work on Place Value in Maths. Have a look at the photos below with your child - can they tell you what numbers the counters represent?






This week we are continuing our Pirates theme:

  • We are learning about Pirate stories in English and practising our capital letters and full stops.
  • We are continuing Pirate Pilates in PE and learning new Pilates moves.
  • We have started our programming unit in Computing by programming our 'pirate' friend to collect treasure from the playground using the directions 'forwards', 'backwards,' 'right turn' and 'left turn'.
  • We are learning how to use maps in EOW.


We are also recapping place value and addition in Maths and learning to read, write and add numbers up to 100.



Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018

Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018 1
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018 2
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018 3
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018 4
Our Pirate Inspiration Day - 9th April 2018 5



This term our topic is Pirates!


We will be looking at all things 'Piratey', including:

* Oceans, seas and continents

* Map skills

* Materials and structures

* Pirate stories

* Sharks

* Pirate forces


We will continue developing our maths skills and counting, adding and subtracting within 100. 

Please continue to read with your child at home and practise their spellings weekly.


Thank you for your continued support.

Team Opal!



Welcome to Opal!


We are:

- a wonderful Year 1 Class!

- becoming more independent and learning to put our things away by ourselves.

- very grown up! We even change our own reading books.

- a very kind and caring class and are always thinking of ways to look after each other.

- very enthusiastic learners who always work hard.

- a class who loves singing and making up rhymes to help us remember things.


This year we will be mastering many crucial Maths and English skills through fantastic themes.


We have outdoor PE on a Tuesday and indoor PE on a Wednesday and Thursday; so we need to have kit suitable for both.


Spellings and Phonics homework are issued on a Thursday and the Phonics homework should be returned on a Tuesday; we do a spelling check each Thursday. Also, we have a theme-based homework each half-term called ‘3-in-a-row’.


We have log-ins for our online resources of Bug Club and Purple Mash and these are in our reading diaries.


You are always welcome to come in and see the staff in the class if you have any questions to ask or are concerned about anything.

Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

14th March 2018

We enjoyed our trip to Conkers and especially getting wet and muddy in the barefoot walk! We also looked at the food chains of woodland creatures, searched for mini beasts and made mud monsters.


In class we wrote about our Conkers adventure and we used rulers in maths to measure and order outside materials by length, e.g. sticks and leaves.


In PE we have been learning new skills in tennis with a coach from the college.


Remember it is Green Day on Tuesday 20th March. We are looking forward to another fun-filled day!

School Opens on Wednesday 29th August 2018