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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


The council meets at least once a fortnight to discuss issues raised through class discussion and to give the children an opportunity to share their ideas about proposed improvements to the school. The Council makes a valuable contribution towards the continued success of our School.


At the start of the academic year, children wishing to stand for the school council present a short speech to their class. In line with the British value of democracy,there is then an  election and two representatives are chosen to be the school councillors for that academic year.


In School council meetings, all councillors have the opportunity to raise issues and put forward ideas. Any decisions to be made are done with a vote by a show of hands and these are recorded.


Our current reps are:

Ruhi (Topaz) Toby (Jade) Harley (Opal) Harry (Ruby) May (Diamond) Holly (Emerald)

Heather (Onyx) Milly (Garnet) Elizabeth (Sapphire) Zaynab (Quartz) Sabiha (Amethyst)

Poppy (Moonstone) Missie (Larimar) Yunus (Turquoise) Freddie (Serpentine)

Well done all winning nominees.


So.... what have the School Council carried out this term so far?


Healthy Snacks

At the moment pupils have to have a healthy morning all days except for Tuesday (Choose day)

However the council feel that alot of children have forgotten.

They decided to raise the profile of this and each rep will product a poster to discuss with their class in the next few weeks.

Our photos are displayed on the ramp near Mr Hoare's office - please speak to your school council representative for other improvements for your school.

It's now February and all School Council reps have put up a Healthy Snacks poster in their classroom for their class to refer to.

What's our next job as School Council reps?


It's RED NOSE DAY  on March 15th so we are asking our classes for some ideas to raise money on the day - more to follow...

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