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Ofsted Reports


Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

Standards and Attainment

As a school we work in collaboration with the other 8 LPAP (Loughborough Primary Academy Partnership) schools using a model of assessment through which we judge performance of our pupils.


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It is expected that a school publish its data, and we are pleased to do so. 


For a full breakdown of the data you can access the DfEs (Department for Education’s) site:

This will give performance data for groups and sub-groups and is extremely comprehensive, if not a little daunting to read!


Within school we clearly track ‘All Pupil’ data, but also that of groups of pupils and their comparator groups e.g. Boys and Girls, Free School Pupils and Non-Free School Meal Pupils etc.  

We track pupil attainment and also, more importantly throughout the year, pupil progress – the steps they take that lead to the attainment they make.


We use an in-house tracking system called   ‘Target Tracker’, an on-line tracking system, and we record both progress and attainment.  

Nationally we make use of a report entitled,   ‘RAISE’  which is an on-line data analysis system that annually reports on school performance.  

Locally i.e. from a Leicestershire perspective, we judge annual school performance versus the average of all Leicestershire Schools using a data system called,   ‘Perspective Lite’. It is interesting to benchmark against other County schools but essentially we are more interested to judge performance against the National picture to see where we fit in.

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