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What a difference a day makes! It's not so bright and sunny outside today is it.

For English today I would like you to write a short story using an idiom as a starting point. I think good way to start is to write about something familiar to you, maybe about taking some daily exercise, doing your school work at home or another routine that you have gotten into.  Have a look at my story 'Light at the end of the Tunnel' for an example. I look forward to reading them!

Here's another common idiom that I have never really understood, 'Raining cats and dogs.' Maybe if it rains a lot it makes big 'poodles' on the ground? 

Your Maths you have the Friday Countdown challenge and some questions about perimeter in your Power Maths practice book, page 141.  

Have a lovely weekend!




Picture 1
Picture 1

Good morning to you all,

Today you have some work from your Power Maths practice book on area and perimeter on pages 120-122.  Don’t forget to do the reflect section!

For English there are some vocabulary activities on the word biography and looking at some of the words used in the text from yesterday. 

Hello Class Amethyst,

I hope you had a lovely weekend and you managed to enjoy the sunshine. It’s hard to believe it’s the second week of the Summer Term. Well done to everyone who is managing to keep up with their school work— I am very proud of you.

This week you have a range of lovely activities to do. Some super Science sorting, some cracking computer composing, and an impressive dance routine  to practice not to mention some Jigsaw work,  PE. French, Music and continuing the art about L.S Lowry.

There are daily Maths and English lessons to download so let’s start with today’s activities.


For English this week we are looking at biographies linked to our   Science work. There is a link to a website to read a biography then there are some RIC reading questions.


There are  some arithmetic questions then complete the Discover, Share  and Think Together sections of your Power Maths.

Have and fun and be EPIC!


The Alchemist's Letter

English Tuesday 21st April

Week 7 of School Closure...Class Blogging - remember to post 2 comments each week on to the Class Work Blog...we look forward to seeing what you are doing.