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Milk bottle Tops

Please bring in all your clean milk bottle tops so we can re-use them and turn them into fantastic Christmas Tree decorations

If you have an old shirt, T-shirt or other top that you don't mind using for a painting shirt, please bring it in. We hope to be painting and decorating our Greek monster masks this week!

Amethyst 2019-20

Autumn 2


Welcome to Class Amethyst. In year 6 we want to encourage the children to be more independent and to take more responsibility and enjoy their learning. To support and encourage them, here are a few useful pieces of information about our timetable and routines in Amethyst.

PE is on Monday (Football skills) and Thursday (TAG rugby skills). Please note your child will need suitable outdoor P.E. kit including an outer layer, trainers and a spare pair of socks!

Spelling words to learn are sent home every other Thursday. Please encourage them to learn their spellings by doing a little bit and often. 

Your child should also read for pleasure on most days. Again a little and often is best. They now have a reading diary that you should sign each week if you are happy with your child's reading. 

I want your child to really enjoy their learning at school so if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at school. 

Mr Wilson

It's all Greek to me!

Our theme for the second half of the Autumn term is called ' It's all greek to me!  In this unit the children will learn about some of the features of life in Ancient Greece by looking at the historical evidence. This will include evidence for some of the Greek myths, the lives of women, why Athens was such a strong city state, religion and the Olympics. In our English we will learn to write effective reports, comparing different aspects of Ancient Greek life.