Mountfields Lodge School

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Mountfields Lodge School

Our School Day

The School Day (non-COVID timetable)


Foundation Stage (Reception): 

9.00am - 11.45am

1.00pm - 3.15pm


Key Stage One: 

9.00am - 12.00pm

1.00pm - 3.15pm


Key Stage Two: 

9.00am - 12.20pm

1.20pm - 3.20pm




The school car park is for use of staff only. There is some very limited on-road parking on the roads surrounding the school; we always ask our parents to be courteous to our school neighbours.


Coming in to school


Children should wait in the playground at the beginning of the school day. Doors will be opened at 8.50am and staff will be on duty at this time, but not before. Parents of children in Foundation Stage may take their child into the classroom to settle them after 8.50am. It is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children before 8.50am.


School starts at 9.00am and after this time doors and gates onto the playground will be locked. Any child arriving after 9.00am should enter school through the main reception and sign in at the School Office.


Please note that during the school day access to school is limited to the main entrance, please follow the signage provided. This is to help provide security for children in school.




Morning school finishes at 11.45am for Foundation Stage pupils, 12.00pm for Key Stage 1 and 12.20pm for Key Stage recommences at 1.00pm. In KS2 morning school finishes at 12.20pm and afternoon school begins at 1.20pm.


All pupils in Foundation Stage (EYFS) and KS1 are provided with a hot school meal on a daily basis, paid for by the government. Meals for pupils in KS2 cost £2.20. Meals are freshly cooked on the premises by our cook, Mrs Barnett, and provide excellent value. Payment can be made either by cash, by cheque or through ParentPay and payment should be made on a Monday morning (unless using Parent Pay which has more flexibility).


You may also send your child with a packed lunch.


We actively encourage “healthy eating”. For this reason we ask that snacks and packed lunches are as healthy as possible and contain nut free products (we have a number of pupils with a nut allergy).

Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water into school each day (in a named bottle please). This can be kept in the class so that children have access to water throughout the day. We call this our ‘Drink to Think’ initiative.


The End of Each Day


At the end of the day, each class has a meeting place for parents and the class teacher will ensure that each child is met by the appropriate person.


Please tell us if there are any changes as to who will meet your child.


At the end of the day children collect their belongings from the cloakrooms and meet their carers at an outside area close to the classroom. Foundation Stage and KS1 pupils are only allowed to leave their classrooms if their parent/carer is present; they are personally ‘handed over’ to them. If staff do not know the adult collecting the pupil they will not hand them over.


In KS2 pupils are reminded that they must come back into school immediately if they are not met.

We encourage children throughout school to learn to take responsibility for their own belongings. It is important also that, during their primary years, children can learn to make safe decisions as they gradually gain independence. We value your support in helping them to do this.


Bad Weather


Very occasionally, if we have a period of very severe weather and feel that it would be unsafe for the children, we will close the school. Notice of closure would be sent to all parents if it were possible.

However, the most frequent cause of closure is heavy snowfall and this may happen overnight. In this case we will announce this on our School Website (tickertape message).

We still have a few places left for our new intake in to Foundation Stage (EYFS) for August 2021; if you want to find out more please do contact us.