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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

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Welcome to Class Turquoise!


In Year 6, we are really developing responsibility for ourselves and others. We have lots of opportunities to work independently and let our personalities shine.


Our curriculum is linked across subjects to make it meaningful, purposeful and exciting. We will upload each theme overview so that you can see what teaching and learning will be taking place.


Please feel free to drop in and see Mrs Tomlin if you have any concerns or just a question or two. We will always welcome offers from parents to support in the classroom, whether for the occasional day or on a more regular basis.

A few reminders

  • P.E is on Mondays and Tuesdays (outdoor). A full  outdoor P.E kit is expected to be in school for them to wear so that they can fully participate.
  • Spelling homework is given out every second Thursday and due in on the Tuesday two weeks later.
  • Three in a Row Homework is given out once every half term and a letter will be sent home with more details. The most recent Science homework project can be found below.
  • All children have a Times Table Rock Stars log-in and we encourage them to practise these at home.
  • All children have a library pin and can exchange their books at school when needed. We do encourage the children to use the library regularly and independently. Even though your child may be a fluent reader, it is still very important that they are reading regularly at home and discussing what they have read.

Spring Term


This spring term we started with a STEM week, where the children were challenged in groups to create a convincing catapult. We had some super successes as you can see in our photo gallery below.


Stand and Deliver

We will be learning the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes and using this amazing narrative in a variety of ways to engage with and understand the poem.We are looking forward to sharing some of our work with you.

Ancient Greece

This term we will be learning about Ancient Greece. We will start with the theme 'Gods and Monsters.' As part of our learning we will be reading and discussing examples of good quality Greek Myths  whereby the hero/God overcomes a monster - such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and Medusa. We will use these models, and newly acquired writing skills, to write our own narratives. We will be exploring and researching facts about Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece and using our Art and Design skills to portray Greek mythical monsters. 

Ancient Greece - Inspiration Event

We have taken part in some wonderful inspiration activities to enthuse us for the learning ahead. Have a look at the photos below, which show some of the fun we have had in our Greek cafe and transporting ourselves to Ancient Greece using our amazing green screen technology.






Ancient Greece Inspiration Event