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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

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What an EPIC start to the year.  We have explored light and been independent scientist, creating our own experiments and shadow puppets.  We have been paleontologist and identified dinosaurs from fossils.  We have been mathematicians and created numbers to show our understanding of place value.  We have been amazing students who have worked well in new groups and persevered when things were new and different. We have found new ways of communicating all of our creative ideas.


While we have a flexible timetable we will be continuing with; Times Table Rock Stars, the Daily Mile and  PE every Monday and Thursday; please make sure you have your PE Kit, including spare socks, hair-ties and earring tape (or no earrings please).

Spellings are issued every second Thursday and we have a ‘check-up’ (test) every second Wednesday.


Reading books and Reading Records have been issued and sent home.  These will be collected and marked off on a regular basis.  Please read as often as possible and talk about what you are reading.


Solid as a Rock


Dinosaur footprints found at Mountfields Lodge!

Year 3/4 pupils made the startling discovery on Monday the 9th of September and used their investigative skills to determine what type of dinosaur it was.

We then explored other fossils and learnt about the size of different dinosaurs.

We used evidence from the fossils to decide if they were big or small, fast or slow, herbivores or carnivores, used 4 legs or 2 and thought about where they might have lived.  We even compared our stride to that of a brachiosaurus.

We know that Dinosaurs lived in Pre-historic times.  This means the period before things were recorded and written down.  We will continue to learn about Pre-historic times, focusing on the Stone Age.

On Friday we had our Jump Off day and the children were challenged to move a brick using natural materials to lever the block onto wooden rollers.  This was how stones were moved in Stone Age times to create monuments like Stonehenge.


Stone Age Boy


As part of our Solid as a Rock Theme, we have been using the text of Stone Age Boy to develop our writing.  We have investigated the setting in the text and are using it to innovate and create our own setting descriptions.

We are learning to use expanded noun phrases with prepositions, fronted adverbials with commas and Show, Don't Tell to show how our own character would react to a setting.  We are thinking about using all of our senses to describe a setting and how we can show that it is different and strange.



Our new topic for Jigsaw this term is Being Me in My World.  We will be learning about what it means to be part of a team, part of a class and what our Rights and Responsibilities are as a Social Citizen.






In Power Maths we are working on place value, including counting in 1000's and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.

We will be working on our times tables through out the year, follow the link and practise at home with Times Table Rock Stars!



We have been learning to keep time by using a metre, body percussion and actions.  We have learnt different parts of a song as a group and then worked as a class to create a performance.


Still image for this video

Physical Education


This term we have been traveling on Points and Patches and using control to create balances using different points.  We have been using the apparatus to experiment with movement and balances.



We spent last week learning all about Light.  We investigated different sources of light and how surfaces can reflect light.  We designed our own sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays.  We used opaque objects to block light and cause shadows.