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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

Mountfields Lodge School


Summer Term.


Welcome back for our final half term in Garnet. It has been an amazing year, but it is not over yet! 

We have a fun filled term with lots of lovely activities including Science Week, focusing on Electricity, writing our own Journey Tale and expanding our Geography topic to include Europe.


We are continuing with our routines; Times Table Rock Stars, the Daily Mile and  PE every Monday and Friday; please make sure you have your PE Kit, including spare socks, hair-ties and earring tape (or no earrings please).

Spellings are issued every second Thursday and we have a ‘check-up’ (test) every second Wednesday.



Where On Earth Are We?


Class Garnet are continuing our Geography Theme by looking at the rest of the European Continent.  The children will be investigating diverse landscapes and climates and how this can effect the way people live in different countries.



Switched On?


We are learning about Electricity this week.  The children will be making circuits and testing different materials to identify insulators and conductors.  We will also be discussing how to keep ourselves safe when using electrical appliances at home.



Our new topic for Jigsaw this term is Relationships.  We will be learning about friendships and how to put in to practice the skills of friendship, for example taking turns, being a good listener and being honest with our friends.  We will be learning about showing appreciation for our friends.





Journey to Jo'burg


We have just started a new text, Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo.   The story is set in South Africa and involves 2 young children going on a 300km journey to find their mother.  We are looking at lots of examples of descriptive language and will be using the structure to help us write our own Journey Story. 

This half term the children will be planning, writing and editing their own story involving a journey.




We are continuing our work with POWER MATHS this term, working with time, statistics and geometry.





We are continuing our focus on Pitch and understanding the pentatonic scale.  We have listened to a piece of Chinese music called White Snow in Sunny Spring and discussed the type of instruments used.  We have used xylophones and chime bars to play a pentatonic scale and create our own pentatonic melody.