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Welcome to Moonstone!


Now that we are in year 5 we are really developing the responsibility we have for ourselves and others. We have lots of opportunity to work independently and let our personalities shine. We teach the curriculum through themes that link the different subject areas to make our learning meaningful, have a sense of purpose and exciting.

As we start each theme we will post on here an overview and throughout the weeks we will show some of the work that has taken place.


Parents are always welcome to drop in and have a chat with Mrs Moore or Mrs Armitage if they are concerned or have questions. We always welcome offers from parents or grandparents to support us whether for a day or on a regular basis.


Information you may find useful

  • PE takes place on Monday’s and Thursday’s but the children need to have their PE kits in school all week.
  • Spelling Homework is sent out on a Thursday and is returned on a Tuesday two weeks later.
  • ‘Three In a Row Homework’ is issued once every half term and these will cover a variety of subjects and ways or recording.
  • All children have a log in for ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and we encourage the children to use this site to develop their number recall.
  • All children will have a card for the library and will regularly have the opportunity to visit and choose books. Even though your child may by now be a fluent reader it is very important that they are reading regularly at home and discussing what they have read.

It has been a busy term in Moonstone. We have expressed our creativity both inside and outside the classroom, and have put out green-fingered growing skills to the test.


This term, our theme is ‘Empires and sacrifices - Who were the Aztecs?’ We will be learning about who the Aztecs were and where they lived, what their daily life was like, and how their society was organised. We will also learn about their beliefs and will use Aztec myths and legends to discover the features of this style of writing, before writing our own. After exploring some Aztec artefacts, we will be creating some colourful artwork of our own too.


Aztec Inspiration Event


Aztec ceremonial masks have inspired us to design and make clay masks of our own. They were great fun to make. So far they have been fired in our kiln, and we have glazed them using Aztec colours. We will add photos of how they look after their final firing soon.

Making Aztec masks from clay.Glazing our Aztec masks.


We have spent a whole week outside! It has been amazing! Look at some of the inspiring and creative things we got up to.


After flying a stunt kite and a box kite, we made kites out of a single sheet of paper. They flew remarkably well. We didn't want it to end!










The tails on our kites helped them to soar.


Moonstone get growing

The raised beds outside Moonstone and Serpentine have all been planted up with an array of colourful vegetables. We have rainbow beetroot, pink borlotti beans, pineapple sage, strawberry mint, and even round carrots! Before long, we will have leeks, potatoes, courgettes, runner beans, red lettuce, sweetcorn and chilli peppers. Everyone has got their hands dirty and are sharing the responsibility of watering and caring for them.

Look out for our 'Meal in a Wheelbarrow' entry for Loughborough in Bloom. We have packed peas, beef tomatoes, spring onions, celery and basil into a small space for our vegetarian stuffed tomato recipe.


We have already had a fantastic crop of enormous radishes.

We even delivered some to the school kitchen for the salad bar.

3M Young Innovators Challenge

Two pupils from Moonstone were part of a Mountfields Lodge Year 5 team who entered the 3M Young Innovators Challenge in May. The team were remarkable in their ability to work creatively together, and in applying STEM skills to their task. The challenge was to design and create the lightest 90cm tower which could hold 5kg of weight. Our tower was based on the proposed new design of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris.
The team presented their successes and challenges to the judges really well. This took a lot of courage!

Although we didn't make the finals this year, the team were praised for their design and use of STEM. Well done!

Red Nose Day 2019

Raising money for charity allows us the time to think about how we can help others who are less fortunate than ourselves. Red Nose Day this year gave Moonstone the opportunity to get creative. The children decided to make emoji biscuits and craft packs, which all looked amazing!

Red Nose Day 2019