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Good Friday morning Class Moonstone!

This week’s PE at home looks a fun activity of accuracy.  What other house or in your garden games have you been playing during lockdown?  Did you make some up of your own?  What equipment did you need?

English: The Split

Maths:  Daily Power Ups and Arithmetic practice.

Have a great day

Mrs Moore and Mrs Armitage

Good Thursday morning Class Moonstone!

This week’s music is all about how to use music to empower and inspire.  I’m sure there’s a track you’ve heard that makes you feel inspired?  You’ve got a choice of four tracks to choose from this week.  My favourite is ‘Don’t stop’ – ask your parents who sang the original!

So, get your hairbrush microphones and have a good sing!

English:  The Cabinet of Curiosities

Maths:  Daily Power Ups and Arithmetic practice.

Have a great day

Mrs Moore and Mrs Armitage

Good Tuesday morning Class Moonstone

One of your activities this week could be about our memories at Mountfields Lodge as Year 5s will be in their final year.  Can you remember your very first day at school in your smart uniform? What else can you recall?  Were you able to sit next to your friend?

Here are your English and Maths activities for Tuesday 30th June

Your English activity will be to extend the story about The Curious Parrot

Your Maths will be focused around Power Ups and daily Arithmetic.

Have a great day.

Mrs Moore and Mrs Armitage

Good morning class Moonstone!

Hope you’ve had a fun weekend¬

Your Science this week is all about making an egg float in salt water.  Why would we want to find this out?  What usually happens to a new egg when you put it in water?  Yes, it sinks.  So, get your Genius Scientist skills out for this.  If possible, load your findings onto our Class Work Blog.

We also have some great EOW activities for you to do including: creating landscapes with the famous Australian artist, Ken Done, French rooms and furniture, memories of the past year as well as learning a variety of new songs.

Thank you

Mrs Moore and Mrs Armitage

Good Morning Class Moonstone!

It is Friday and the last day of this sunny week! With travel and holiday restrictions beginning to lift, lots of people are beginning to think about whether they will be able to take a holiday soon. In our French activity this we are looking at different modes of transport and you will have the opportunity to watch ‘un petit tour en France’. Can you work out what that might be?


Since it is Friday, we have Countdown and the final day of our TTRS challenge against Class Turquoise. Sadly, we are 5,000 points behind but we still believe you can do it!


Here are your English and Maths activities for Friday 26th June

English: Write a letter to the bullies (small birds). What effect did their behaviour have on the big bird?

Maths Year 5: Complete the daily arithmetic, Power Up and then complete the practice questions for Unit 16 lesson 4.


Don’t forget to post on our class blog - it is always great to see your work.


Hope you have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Armitage and Mrs Moore

Good Morning Class Moonstone!

Can you tell from our emoji the work we would like you to focus on today? With shops and restaurants slowly returning to ‘normal’ our Jigsaw lesson for this week looks at different ways that you can pay for things. Cash isn’t the only way to pay so don’t worry if your wallet or purse is looking a little empty! Many years ago, we didn’t even have money and people used to barter and trade in order to buy things. Imagine buying chocolate with a cabbage?! With the advances of technology you can pay for things in a variety of ways. Can you think of all the ways you can pay for things without using cash?


Our call for extra support for the TTRS battle against Class Turquoise has worked and we now have five players but we still need more since we are still some way behind. Thank you to those who joined yesterday!


Here are your Maths and English activities for Thursday 25th June.

English: Using your plan from yesterday, write a non-chronological report for the big bird from the Pixar short film ‘For the Birds’.

Maths Year 5: Complete your daily arithmetic, Power Up and then  complete the ‘Discover, Share and Think Together’ sections for Unit 16, lesson 4. 

Reminders: A Million Dreams song and HiFIVE scores need to be sent in by Friday


Don’t forget to share some of your work on our class blog.

Have a lovely day.


Mrs Armitage and Mrs Moore

Good Morning Class Moonstone!
With temperatures set to be Hot, Hot, Hot over the next few days, don’t forget your sun hat, sun cream and to drink plenty of water. It is also important to try and stay in the shade, especially during the middle of the day. Why not enjoy the sunny weather though, in the morning or late afternoon, and have a look at our PE activity for this week which involves practising lots of different skills. If you click on the link there are lots of videos showing you what to do. HiFIVE is part of the School Games Virtual Summer Championships and if you would like to test out your skills in a competitive way, then fill in the score sheet to test yourself against lots of other children in Leicestershire. You’ll need to submit your scores by 1pm on Friday 26th June. It would be great if you could enter. Let us know on our class blog if you are taking part.


Our TTRS Battle against Class Turquoise is ‘hotting’ up. Don’t forget to login and get rocking! We are currently a little way behind. Come on Moonstone! Well done to the two players who are keeping us going!


Here are your Maths and English activities for Wednesday 24th June.

English: To look at the features of a non-chronological report and to plan a non-chronological report for the big bird. We will be using our plan on Thursday!

Maths: Complete the Power Up, then explore the ‘Fraction Pairs’ Maths investigation.


Have a lovely day and keep safe in the sun!
Mrs Armitage and Mrs Moore

The Highwayman - performed by Moonstone

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The Highwayman Part 2.MOV

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Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying Week, we explored the message that 'Change Starts With Us'. We thought about the small changes that we can make to make our school an even better place.

Change starts with ...a smile!

Change starts with ...a compliment!

Change starts with ...friendship!

We made pledges to show the changes we will make.

Picture 1
A reminder: School is closed to ALL pupils on Wednesday 1st and 8th July 2020