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House Captains

The House captains are very busy at lunchtimes at the moment with their new reward system.


They are giving House Captain stickers to all children who are showing respect to adults e.g. letting adults through a door first as well as walking on the left hand side of our corridors.   We will let you know how this initiative went in a couple of weeks time. 
Thankyou from the House Captains

Each year we choose 2 House Captains – a boy and a girl – per house.

The HCs are nominated by staff and are sought from the Y6 cohort. The pupils do not have any say in who is to be nominated.


Following nomination the staff are asked to vote (if needed) on the nominees in order to elect the 8 HCs (the HT has the casting vote should there be a tied vote). Any member of staff with a ‘conflict of interest’ is not allowed to vote.

Should a ‘winning pupil’ wish to decline the position the pupil (in the same house) receiving the next highest number of votes is asked to assume the role. 


The aim of a House Captain: To provide an outstanding role-model for other pupils by upholding the whole-school Code of Conduct.


The nominees are expected to be pupils who:


  • Demonstrate positive leadership ability/skills
  • Are good role models for other pupils (behaviour/conduct/attitude)
  • Show initiative
  • Demonstrate good organisational skills
  • Communicate effectively and are able to speak to House members confidently
  • Demonstrate pride in the school
  • Are polite and trustworthy
  • Are kind, compassionate and caring
  • Have a proven record of the above throughout their time in school.

HCs will be asked to:

  • Total monthy house points (and fortnightly mid-month totals)
  • Encourage House members to earn points and be proud of their achievements
  • Meet with visitors and welcome them to the school (conduct school tours)
  • Promote the School ethos and Code of Conduct

The role of HC is an ‘earned privilege’.




Our House Captains for 2019-2020 are:

Mulberry - Adam and Stella 

Sycamore - Freddie and Emily

Willow- Benji and Lexie 

Beech - Caitlin and Oliver

Autumn 2019


House Captains were very busy last term.  They were given the responsibility of awarding gold House Captain stickers for excellent table manners at lunch time and correct use of a knife and fork.  

They found out that alot of children did have good table manners and we needed to take more notice of them.  Older children were more immature about the stickers and weren't always successful in getting one.  Overall they think that this idea has improved the table manners in school - which they're really pleased about!



Spring 2020


Our new initiative this term is we are giving out our special House Captain gold stickers to different idea.

We are also looking this term at handing out stickers for:

- Holding doors open for everyone

- Letting adults pass by standing to one side for them.


We will be trialing this idea for three weeks and will report to the whole school in assemblies and will let you know too!

If you have any further questions, please contact the school captains.

New Year 2020!


We will be continuing our gold sticker campaign this term - details to follow....

February 2020


Update on our gold sticker promotion........


We found that 'Holding doors open for adults' was successful some of the time but we needed more people to select from as we were only working between the large hall and the outside doors.


'Letting adults pass' didn't really work because most people just kept walking!


Next half term our focus will be on checking that chairs are stacked in the large hall by the correct people.   Watch this space!

School re-opens for Pupils (Y1-6) on Thursday 27th August 2020