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House Captains

Monday 28th June

House point totals are:

Mulberry 623

Beech 613

Willow 554

Sycamore 620

Wow!  A high scoring week!

Winners are Mulberry!  Well done!

Monday 7th June

This week's housepoints are......

Beech 460

Mulberry 392

Sycamore 353

Willow 257

So this week's winners are BEECH - well done!

From the House Captains

 On Monday 24th May, the house points counted the house points and found out who won this week. 

So this week...

In 4th Place is Sycamore with 372 points. 

In 3rd place is Mulberry with 427 points.

In 2nd place is Beech with 459 points. 

In 1st place is Willow with 474 points. 


Well done to Willow by winning the house point totals this week. laugh

House points total for Monday 10th May

Willow  538

Mulberry  524

Sycamore 475

Beech 512

So.....Well done to Willow for gaining the most house points! laugh

Weekly house point update on Monday 26th April

1st  Beech with 457 points

2nd Willow with 425 points

3rd Sycamore with 401 points

4th Mulberry with 387 points


Well done Beech!










House point tokens on Tuesday 20th April





1st place-  565  Beech

2nd place- 468 Mulberry

3rd place- 457 Sycamore

4th Place- 396 Willow


A big well done to Beech!


Our House Point totals are counted every fortnight

At last..... the scores are in!  On 15th March 20/21 House captains totaled up the House points and the results are....

In fourth place with 443 is Willow

In third place with the score of 484 is Mulberry

In second place with 546 points is Beech....




In first place with the score of 550 is Sycamore!!

Well done from the House Captains

Monday 13th March the House Captains collected the scores for each house......... Scores about to be announced......

The House Captains are proud to announce the House point totals for this half term.


Mulberry 431

Sycamore 361

Beech 646

Willow 670


Congratulations Willow ! 


Each year we choose 2 House Captains – a boy and a girl – per house.

The HCs are nominated by staff and are sought from the Y6 cohort. The pupils do not have any say in who is to be nominated.


Following nomination the staff are asked to vote (if needed) on the nominees in order to elect the 8 HCs (the HT has the casting vote should there be a tied vote). Any member of staff with a ‘conflict of interest’ is not allowed to vote.

Should a ‘winning pupil’ wish to decline the position the pupil (in the same house) receiving the next highest number of votes is asked to assume the role. 


The aim of a House Captain: To provide an outstanding role-model for other pupils by upholding the whole-school Code of Conduct.


The nominees are expected to be pupils who:


  • Demonstrate positive leadership ability/skills
  • Are good role models for other pupils (behaviour/conduct/attitude)
  • Show initiative
  • Demonstrate good organisational skills
  • Communicate effectively and are able to speak to House members confidently
  • Demonstrate pride in the school
  • Are polite and trustworthy
  • Are kind, compassionate and caring
  • Have a proven record of the above throughout their time in school.

HCs will be asked to:

  • Total monthy house points (and fortnightly mid-month totals)
  • Encourage House members to earn points and be proud of their achievements
  • Meet with visitors and welcome them to the school (conduct school tours)
  • Promote the School ethos and Code of Conduct

The role of HC is an ‘earned privilege’.




Our House Captains for 2020-2021 are:

Mulberry -  Adam and Florence  

Sycamore -  Olly and Tess

Willow-  Yaqub and Safiya

Beech -  Alfie and Cerys

Well done!





We still have a few places left for our new intake in to Foundation Stage (EYFS) for August 2021; if you want to find out more please do contact us.