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Welcome to Serpentine!


Welcome to the class page for Class Serpentine!

You are always welcome to pop in and have a chat with Mrs Inglesant, if there is anything you are concerned about or just have a few questions.

We aim to make this year a rewarding, hardworking and engaging year for the children. Working as a team is one of our key aims this year, keen to support and help others in our class.

Just a few reminders:

We now have PE on most days:please ensure you have your PE kit!!

Serpentine's reporters this week are: Tilly and Alyssa


On the 21st November we became investigators for the afternoon.

As a class, we reminded ourselves of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur (Greek Myth).  We had to investigate whether or not the story was truth or fiction using a variety of clues given to use in envelopes.  We really enjoyed discussing ideas in our groups.  Look at the photos below - what do you think?

Theseus and the minotaur clues

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Recently we did an experiment about friction. This included 7 different types of footwear. When it came to doing the experiment we had to put a 1kg weight into each shoe.  The majority of our class thought that it would be the black trainer however when we tested the footwear it was actually the jazz shoe! We pulled each of the shoes with a Newton metre and pulled it the distance of 1 meter.


In PE we made some bridges and here are some examples of some year 6 pupils doing some different bridges.

The Cold Task for are topic; get a grip


We did an experiment with jelly and oil. We put a piece of jelly in 2 containers and then put oil in one of them. Then we used 2 lolly pop sticks to see which one would be easiest to pick up.




What are we looking forward to now?

Next week we start our history project called:



Watch the Children in Need Choir perform in the 'Latest News' area of the website. They are fantastic!