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27.10.20 English


This week we have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs and trying to sequence the main events from the story. We made finger puppets to help us do this and thought about how to write a simple sentence about parts of the story.  




Week beginning 26th October


This week in Class Opal we will be:

  • Continuing our work in Maths on using the part whole model to help solve addition and subtraction calculations.
  • Continuing to learn the story of The Three Little Pigs and writing sentences to help order the story.
  • Creating our own ‘keep fit’ routines in PE and sharing them with the class.

Traditional Tales 7.10.20. We drew pictures to create our own traditional tales.

Week beginning 5th October


This week in Class Opal, we will be:


  • Beginning our traditional tales unit of writing by retelling a fairy tale and reading the Three Little Pigs.
  • Using our knowledge of part-whole models to help us write addition and subtraction number sentences.
  • Thinking about what helps us to feel safe in our Jigsaw lesson.


28.9.2020: Autumn - we searched for signs of Autumn and created nature art with our collections

Week beginning 28th September


This week in Class Opal, we will be:


· Finishing our work on ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We will be having a go at retelling the story using story maps and trying to write our own sentences.

· Using part-whole models in Maths to partition numbers in different ways.

· Discussing why it is important that humans eat the right amount of different foods and trying to design our own healthy plate.


Week beginning 21st September


This week in Class Opal, we will be:


  • Learning about ordinal numbers in Maths.
  • Continuing to look at the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ in English. We will be using capital letters for the days of the week and starting to use the conjunction ‘and’.
  • Having fun creating our own circuit routines in PE and seeing what happens to our bodies when we exercise and why it is important.

Week beginning 14th September 2020.


This week in Class Opal, we will be:

  • Starting a new book in English called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We will be learning and retelling the story.
  • Beginning to use the greater than and less than symbol to compare groups and numbers in Maths.
  • Learning about the primary colours and mixing them together to create a colour wheel.


Week Beginning 7th September


This week in school we will be doing lots of fun things, including: 

  • continuing to read our story 'The Colour Monster' and using it to help us talk about our feelings.
  • exploring numbers to 10 and finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers up to 10.
  • starting our PE lessons with lots of fun games outside.


Here is some of the Maths we did today:



Welcome to Class Opal!



We are really excited to welcome you all back to school.


We are:

- a wonderful Year 1 Class!

- becoming more independent and learning to put our things away by ourselves.

- very grown up! We even change our own reading books.

- a very kind and caring class and are always thinking of ways to look after each other.

- very enthusiastic learners who always work hard.


This year we will be mastering many crucial Maths and English skills through fantastic themes.


We have outdoor PE on a Monday.

Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

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