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Good morning Class Larimar.


Well here we all are on the final day of your school year. What a surreal time it has been over the past few months and definitely not the way I imagined finishing off the year.Unfortunately we have not had time for a proper way to say goodbye, but we will all see eachother again at school soon at the start of a brand new year as you enter your new class. I have really enjoyed our time together in Class Larimar and have missed you all. Thank you all for participating in the blogging to, I really enjoyed reading all about your lockdown experiences and the feedback on your homework.

Please continue to do a little work over the summer holidays, especially on your times tables!smileyAlso check out BBC revise wise and this great reading challenge link

Finally, I would like to wish you and your family an amazing summer holiday! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy yourselves! laugh




Best wishes,

Mr Evans

School re-opens for Pupils (Y1-6) on Thursday 27th August 2020