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Welcome to Diamond!


Year 2 is a very exciting year for all of us in Class Diamond. We have lots to learn and many exciting activities to enjoy. We will try to post some of these as the year goes on. You are always welcome to pop in and have a chat with Mrs Dimmick, Mrs Shephard, Mrs Izzard or Mrs Darby if you have any concerns or require information.

Just a few reminders

We have PE every Mondays and Wednesday. Please make sure you have your named PE kit with you.

Phonics homework comes home on a Thursday and needs to be returned to school the following Tuesday. Spellings to learn are sent home with the phonics homework and we check the spellings with the children on Thursdays.

Books can be changed whenever the children need to and children can visit the library to choose their own library book to share with you. Our library book changing day is Tuesday. 

This half term our theme is  'Diaries, Dirt and Disease'.  We will be finding out all about Florence Nightingale! 

Celebrating Diwali! – 15.10.2019

We have been learning about the festival of Diwali and how it is celebrated. We designed and made our own clay diva lamps using different tools and techniques. We looked at mehndi decorations and designed our own and we talked about how rangoli patterns are used in Diwali celebrations.  We are looking forward to decorating our diva lamps once they have dried.

Celebrating Diwali!

Making Soup – 10.10.2019

In English, we have been learning to write a set of instructions. We know they have to be clear, well organised and easy to follow. We made some pea and mint soup by following instructions carefully. It looked very green and we didn’t think it would taste good but it was delicious! This healthy food would have been similar to the food Florence fed the wounded soldiers. 


Making Soup

Making Soup 1
Making Soup 2
Making Soup 3

4.10.2019 – Florence goes to Scutari Hospital

In 1854 Florence Nightingale was asked by the Government to go to Scutari Hospital. Lots of soldiers were dying there during the Crimean War. The hospital had been built on an open sewer and the injured soldiers who were sent there were dying, not just of their injuries, but also of disease. We transformed our classroom into Scutari Hospital and we re-enacted the arrival of Florence and her team of 38 nurses.  We acted out the changes that Florence made. The children really got into their roles of injured soldiers and caring nurses. They acted their parts brilliantly!    


Saving lives at Scutari!


Florence’s Early Life

Florence had wanted to be a nurse since she was very young but her parents didn’t want her to work in a hospital. She used to practise bandaging her toys. We learned how to put on a bandage and we practised on each other. We used kind and caring words to reassure our patient!  

Caring for our patient!

Caring for our patient! 1
Caring for our patient! 2
Caring for our patient! 3
Caring for our patient! 4

23rd September 2019 – Athena the Owl

We discovered that our mystery person was Florence Nightingale! We learnt all about her early life and we were surprised to find out that she had a pet owl called Athena when she was younger. We wrote poems about Athena using adjectives and we made owls using collage and different paint techniques.

Picture 1
Picture 2

16th September 2019

Today we were investigating a famous person.  We didn’t know who it was but we had some artefacts to look at to give us clues. We looked at them carefully and wrote down some of our ideas. We thought the person lived a long time ago, was a woman and had something to do with hospitals. Then we thought of some questions about the person that we would like answered.


Investigating artefacts

Investigating artefacts 1
Investigating artefacts 2
Investigating artefacts 3
Investigating artefacts 4

Finding out about our Senses - 2nd September

We have been investigating our senses. We asked questions and used tests to try to find the answers. We observed carefully and recorded our results. We talked about what we had found out.


Investigating our Senses

Investigating our Senses 1
Investigating our Senses 2
Investigating our Senses 3
Investigating our Senses 4