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Mountfields Lodge School


Week beginning 14th December 2020

  • In Maths we will be continuing our work on money and finding different coins to make the same amount.
  • In English we will be finishing our narrative work on ‘The Snowman’ and writing our own snowman story.
  • We will be colour mixing in Art and painting our own pictures using primary and secondary colours.
  • In Phonics we will be looking at silent letters and words that end in ge and dge.

Week beginning 7th December 2020

This week we will be:

  • Continuing our work in English on ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs looking at sequencing, adjectives and verbs.
  • Finishing our work on multiplication in Maths and starting a new unit on money.
  • Looking at silent letters in Phonics.
  • Finding out about how Christmas is celebrated across the world in EOW.



Wednesday 2nd December

We made decorations for our class Christmas tree. We used a ruler to measure 2cm strips and we constructed different designs with our strips.  


Our Christmas tree

Week beginning 30th November 2020

This week we will be:

  • Beginning a new Talk for Writing unit in English based on ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs.
  • Continuing our work on multiplication in Maths recalling facts from the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Revising all the phase 5 sounds in Phonics.
  • Naming and locating the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities in EOW.  

Friday 27th November

Today was our whole school ‘Science Day’. We were investigating whether larger hands can pick up more house point tokens. First, we discussed our ideas and made our predictions. Then we grabbed a handful of tokens and recorded how many we could hold. We are going to discuss our results next week. 

Science Day


Week beginning 23rd November

This week we will be:

  • Learning about verbs in English and continuing our poetry work.
  • Working on multiplication in Maths through understanding repeated addition and arrays.
  • Looking at the different sounds some letters can make and revising more Phase 5 phonemes in Phonics.
  • Exploring the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and making our own artworks using natural materials.



Today we made some rockets.  We constructed 3D shapes and then we had to think of a way of joining the cones to the cylinders.


Making Rockets

Week beginning 16th November

This week we will be:

  • Finishing our work on addition and subtraction in Maths and moving on to multiplication.
  • Continuing our work on using adjectives to write effective descriptions in English.
  • Looking at the different sounds the grapheme y and ch can make and revising more phase 5 phonemes in Phonics.
  • Finishing our History work on Guy Fawkes.

13.11.2020 – Children in Need

The theme for Children in Need this year was ‘Act your Age’.  We carried out activities related to our age. First we added up the ages of everyone in the class (adults included!) It came to 279! Then we counted to 279. After that, as most of our class are 7 years old, we danced to 7 different songs without stopping! It was fun!

Children in Need

Week beginning 9th November

This week we will be:

  • Using adjectives to write more effective descriptions in English
  • Exploring different addition and subtraction strategies in Maths
  • Continuing to look at long vowel sounds in Phonics
  • Investigating colour mixing in our Art lessons


This week we have been finding out about the Gunpowder Plot.  Guy Fawkes visited us and told us all about the plot! On Friday we had our own bonfire with fireworks.

Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot

Week beginning 2nd November 2020

This week we will be:

  • Continuing to add and subtract 2-digit numbers in Maths.
  • Learning about punctuation and conjunctions in English.
  • Reading and writing the soft c and g sound in Phonics and revisiting long vowel sounds.
  • Using drama and storytelling in History to find out about the Gunpowder Plot.


Our Jigsaw work this half term is all about celebrating difference. We talked with our partners about how we were similar and different. We got to know some new things about our partners and we could say how we were similar and different.

Finding out about each other

Week beginning 26th October

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn term Class Diamond. Our PE day is still on Tuesday so make sure you wear your outdoor PE kit to school then. Please keep reading at home. We aim to change your reading books on Monday, Wednesday and Friday if you have read them. We will continue to have windows open to aid ventilation, so as the weather gets colder, make sure you wear warm clothes with extra layers.


 This week we will be:

  • Learning to write super sentences in English remembering to punctuate them carefully and check that they make sense.
  • Adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers in Maths using drawings to help us.
  • Finding out about Bonfire Night in History and learning why we celebrate it.
  • Reading and writing words with split digraphs in Phonics.

Week beginning 12th October

Hello Class Diamond. I am so sorry that I won’t be seeing you this week but our class work will continue on Seesaw.

Each day you will have four tasks – English, Maths, Phonics and EOW.

We will be carrying on with our work on adding 2-digit numbers in Maths.

Now that we have finished our English learning on instructions, we are going to concentrate on writing and punctuating sentences this week.

In Phonics we will be revising the phase 5 phonemes we have learnt so far and our EOW tasks will be linked to our themes of keeping healthy and autumn.

I will be responding to each of the tasks you are able to complete throughout the week. Keep working hard Class Diamond and see you soon.

Mrs Dimmick


7th October – Weaving with fabric

We spent a wonderful afternoon making large pieces of weaving. We thought about colour and texture and we all worked with patience and perseverance!  They took quite a long time to make!

Hello Class Diamond!


I am so excited to welcome you back to school and I am looking forward to meeting you all. We have planned lots of great activities that I know you will enjoy and will help you become EPIC learners.


The other adults who will be helping in class are Mrs Shephard, Mrs Spicer, Mrs Geary, Mrs Armson and Mrs Patience.  They are looking forward to seeing you again too.


Our PE day is on Tuesday and you will need to come to school in your outdoor PE kit. Your trainers will already be in school.  Please also remember to bring a named water bottle with you.  


See you all on Thursday.

Mrs Dimmick

We still have a few places left for our new intake in to Foundation Stage (EYFS) for August 2021; if you want to find out more please do contact us.