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This week we finished our Solid as a Rock topic. We are sad to be finishing but we have learnt so much! We focused on the Stone Age in History, Rocks, Fossils and Soil in Science and setting descriptions in English. 

Miss Clark was really pleased with our writing, below are a few examples of children's work. 


"When I woke up it was pitch black. The cave walls were covered in spiders, the floor was hidden under a layer of fungus, I saw tiny bit of light peeping through and climbed towards it. Outside, was a flowing stream but it felt lonely like no-one was there. In front of me was a long winding trail. It led to a village with bloody floors. As the sun began to set I saw gorgeous marbled sky hanging high above me. "


"As I was stumbling down a hole blind of where I was I could see cave paintings all around me, there were splashes of water everywhere. Just ahead of me was a little ball of light, I dragged my foot across the floor having no memory of anything. I could see a path of light ahead of me, I finally got out of the cave and I entered a forbidden forest. I could see an abandoned camp and it looked like no-one had been there in years. After a while, I entered a beautiful landscape there were mountains almost invisible covered with layers of snow, a beautiful turquoise waterfall reflecting off the spellbinding sky and mammoths came stampeding through the mysterious woodlands." 


"When I woke up I was in a dark damp place. I saw rain running down the cave wall, bones were scattered all over the floor and I saw a painting of a woolly mammoth. I stumbled towards a bright light hoping to find a way out. In the distance, I saw cows playing in a field, the grass swayed in the breeze and I felt the warm glow of a fire. I went along a winding, muddy and squelchy path. I found a village. Some people looked at me nervously but I think i'm more nervous than them. All the houses looked really strange and some people were making soup probably because they were hungry. Far away, I saw the sun setting."


Well done Onyx! 


We have been learning all about Netball in our outdoor P.E sessions, Miss Clark and Mrs Newport have been impressed with out pivoting! We can name three important passes in netball (chest, shoulder and bounce)  and we are looking forwarding having a go at some small games soon! 

Miss Clark has been enjoying seeing our progress in swimming! It is excellent to see how far we have already come! 

We have also been enjoying blogging in Computing! It's a great opportunity to share our learning about the stone age whilst learning a new skill. 

We have been adding and subtracting ones, tens and hundreds from a 3 digit number in Maths. This has been tricky at times but we are showing brilliant progress and enjoying using the equipment to help us. 

Our setting descriptions are coming along brilliantly and we are looking forward to bringing together all our fantastic work to create our best one yet! Miss Clark is really excited to read these this week and hopefully share some with you next week! They are going to be A-Mazing! 


Keep up the hard work Class Onyx! 







It is fantastic to see so many children getting involved with the sporting activities on offer. From our excellent lunch clubs to the 3/4 football team and cross country races. Well done Onyx! 

We have been learning some new skills in P.E with swimming and Netball too. 

To ensure we can continue to enjoy these please help your child to remember their kit. 

We have swimming on WEDNESDAY afternoon. 

Outdoor P.E on FRIDAY.

Children MUST have a full outdoor kit please! As we leave the beautiful summer days it is so important to have long trouser and long sleeve tops. Layers help keep us warm! A pair of trainers for outdoor P.E and lunch clubs are also essential...we also need a change of socks, we may get wet so a change of socks is essential as we found out this week! (Girls who were tights need to ensure they have socks to change into please) 


It is great to see our homework policy being adhered to, well done Onyx! Keep it up! 

Spellings: Every other Tuesday. (This is a two week homework) 

Reading: Reading diaries checked every Monday. 

Times tables: Use TTRS to help! 

3 in a row: Currently a stone age themed homework. We've already had some great models in, looking forward to seeing more! 


Parents evening is fast approaching, your child should have brought you an appointment letter on Thursday. - Please return these promptly, they are allocated on first come first serve basis. 




We have continued to impress Miss Clark this week with our EPIC attitude to learning. 


Exploring lots of new ideas in Science. We were excited to explore Rocks in detail. 

Perseverance has been in abundance! Particularly in our TTRS sessions! 

Independent learners... We need to rename Class Onyx, Class Independent! Amazing efforts! 

Communicating well with ALL our peers in group work this week. 


Keep it up Class Onyx :) 




Another great week in Class Onyx. Lots of exciting things have happened!


We had a fantastic inspiration day to launch our 'Solid as a Rock' learning. 

We are looking forward to learning all about the stone age and rocks, fossils and soil in EOW. We have enjoyed reading Stone Age Boy, Wolf Brother and Stig of the Dump this week. Some of the vocabulary was a little tricky to begin with but we had great fun using our 'decoding' knowledge to understand the text better. 


We are coming to the end of our place value unit in Maths and Miss Clark is really impressed with our efforts! We are looking forward to starting addition and subtraction soon.


This week we also enjoyed our first swimming lesson! It was fantastic and Miss Clark was really impressed with our behaviour. We were a great representation of Mountfields Lodge School, even impressing a visitor to the leisure centre who commented how quiet and sensible we were :) 


Keep it up Class Onyx! 


9.9.19 1
9.9.19 2
9.9.19 3
9.9.19 4


Wow! what a brilliant start to the year Class Onyx have had.  


We are proving to EPIC learners and we are TEAM ONYX! Miss Clark is really pleased with our excellent attitude towards our learning! It is going to be a fantastic year.  


We started the year with a brilliant Science week all about Light! We have had great fun carrying out lots of experiments and finding out exciting facts about light.  


We have thrown ourselves into the daily mile and Miss Clark is really impressed with our pacing skills.