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Ancient Egyptians 

This term we are learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We have been finding out about the Gods and Goddesses in our Reading lessons. It has been really interesting! In History we visited a tomb to find out more about the person who was in there. Ask us what we found out! 

We are looking forward to finding out more about the Egyptians. 

Year 3 Maths. We took our learning outside today to investigate the statement ‘if I multiply a number by 4 it will always be even’. We used our outdoor 100 square to investigate this. We also practised counting in fours using the square to help. It was lots of fun being outside and really helped us see the answer on the big square!

This week we became squirrels! We explored what it would be like if we were the squirrels in our school grounds. We then wrote a descriptive paragraph about our experiences.

Year 3 Maths - we’ve been lots of practical learning in Maths this week. We have been practicing our ‘grouping’ skills.

We made our own gift bags, we’re really proud of ourselves!

This week we have been investigating soils.

Our keepsake Christmas decorations. We used our new sewing skills to make decorations we can keep and use again each year.

Our Christmas hamper- thank you for all the donations!

In English we are reading The Iron Man. It is fantastic!

We really love this book and are looking forward to creating our own pieces of writing inspired by this text. This week we are looking at character descriptions. We are using the text to find the description of iron man and we are then going to create our own characters by innovating the text. 

Maths - shape 

In Maths we have been exploring Shapes. We have enjoyed investigating nets and identifying the shapes and their properties. We have moved back into our Power Maths books now and love the reasoning and problem solving questions the most. 

DT - investigating fabrics and fabric bags

Times Tables fun

Autumn 1

WOW! We have had a busy half term and here's what we think of our learning this half term!


"I have enjoyed P.E because it allows us fresh air and we can exercise"

"I liked learning about the Stone Age because we learned about our Ancestors" 

"I have enjoyed Swimming because it has been fun!"

"I enjoyed Netball because it was fun and I liked being outdoors" 

"I have enjoyed Art because I like labelling in my sketch book" 

"I liked learning about the Stone Age because it was interesting finding out they used fire to cook with"

"I have enjoyed writing in first person because we got to pretend to be the person in the book - a cave man!" 

"I enjoyed learning about the link with the solstice and Stonehenge" 

"I enjoyed looking at/ touching real fossils in our Science work about Rocks and Fossils"

"I enjoyed doing a story map in English and writing sentences in the past tense about Stonehenge" 

"I have enjoyed looking at lots of different texts and answering questions" 

"I have enjoyed our class reader Stig of the Dump because it is funny" 

Autumn 2

I will use this page and seesaw to communicate messages home when needed. 


Reading books and diaries need to be in school every day. I collect these in on a Monday morning to check them too.


Homework: Daily reading and TTRS. Weekly Reading tasks on Seesaw (Out on Thursday - due in Tuesday)  and EPIC homework


P.E: Wednesday (indoor)  and Friday (outdoor) - please come in your kit. 

Wednesday - Indoor P.E kit please. Shorts and t-shirt. (Children can wear outdoor P.E kit over the top to keep warm during the day but MUST wear shorts for indoor P.E - leggings can be worn for religious purposes)

Friday - Full outdoor P.E kit please. A warm pair of long trousers, a t-shirt, a long sleeved top and a pair of trainers. Please remember to bring spare socks and shoes.


Maths : On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Maths is taught in Class Garnet for Year 4 children and Class Onyx for Year 3 children. On Friday's we all stay in Class Onyx. 


Remember all you need is a coat, your reading book and your lunch box each day. Please do not bring anything you don't need. This helps us keep our classroom tidy.