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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

Mountfields Lodge School


This week we are starting our new theme :) We are going to be learning all about the 'Roman' period in History. We will be using the IPADs to 'inspire' us  and starting our Creative Computing work using VR and AR to explore a Roman battlefield. We are also starting to learn French this week! We thought we would have to wait until after half term but we have been really lucky and we are starting it this week :)


A few reminders:

Homework: Daily reading, TTRS and Seesaw (Tuesday). 

P.E: Tuesday and Friday - please come in your kit. 

Cross country: Monday lunch time. 



Art work - Drawing skills

Sentences of three for description written by children in Class Onyx! 


The fireworks whizzed across the starry night, spirals of blinding golden sparks erupted and boomed as loud as guns on the battlefield.

The fireworks were crying with colour, twizzled above our heads and then accelerated across the sky.

The fireworks twizzled across the pitch black sky, gleaming like shooting stars and fizzing like a storm of spirals.

The fireworks raced up into the sky, exploded into hundreds of fiery sparks and disappeared into the darkness.

The fireworks zoomed into the sky exploding into bursts of colour, dived down and vanished.

The fireworks boomed as spirals of blinding golden sparks erupted, crackling rockets roared above our heads and fierce crimson flames raged.

The fireworks zoomed across the night sky, bursting into a disco in the sky and filling it with colour.

The fireworks whizzed across the night sky, bursting into beautiful circles in the sky and flashing brightly like lightening.

The fireworks whizzed across the starry sky, bursts of colour exploded and they roared above our heads.

The fireworks raced across the colourful sky, swirling with pride and exploded above us.

The fireworks raced across the starry sky, twizzling with beauty and blazing with pride.


Art work based on Paul Klee.

Books we would never pick up off the shelf but now can't wait to read!

Our P.E days are Tuesday and Friday so you will need to come into school in your P.E kit. A warm pair of long trousers and/or shorts(check the weather!), a t-shirt, a long sleeved top and your school shoes. (Your trainers will be in school, you will change into these when we go out for P.E). 


Remember all you need is a coat, your reading book and your lunch box each day . Please do not bring anything you don't need, this is really important to help keep us all safe and it will also help keep our classroom tidy. 


Information re. School and COVID-19 can be found under the News and Events tab > COVID-19. All letters sent home re. COVID-19 can be found under Parents tab > Letters Sent Home :-)