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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

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Rainforest Green Screen


The children have been working really hard to achieve their ABC stamps this half term. I am really proud of them. Lots of badges were awarded last week and I know lots more children only need 1 or 2 more stamps to gain their badge. 

We are working hard on our multiplication tables. We are making good progress. Please encourage your child to use TTRS at home too. All the children were recently re-issued their logins and I can see lots of them are using them at home which is fantastic. Keep it up! Some children prefer using a paper copy which isn't a problem, they just need to ask me for one each week. 





Living Layers


We have been having a great time building a rainforest! We used our Art skills to paints leaves, plants and animals that are in the rainforest. We are now using these to build a display together as a class that explores each layer of the rainforest. 


We are really enjoying our Class Reader Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo! It is a little sad in places but we are really rooting for Will to enjoy his time in the rainforest with Oona! 

Inspiration Day: We’ve been using VR to explore the rainforest, comparing it to our school grounds at the same time. We learnt lots about the rainforest.

Stem week - our favourites were balloon rockets.

Stem week - our favourites were balloon rockets.  1
Stem week - our favourites were balloon rockets.  2
Stem week - our favourites were balloon rockets.  3