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Aim High, Reach for the Sky

Mountfields Lodge School


Good Morning Team Onyx.

Today is the last time I will write to you on here; I have tried to phone you all today to speak to you if I haven’t seen you in school over the last few weeks. I can only apologise if I was unable to speak to you.


It is the last day of term and it is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to you the most wonderful year 3 class. We were definitely the best class (but shhhh... remember we SHOW everyone not tell)!


I am sooooo proud of you all and everything you achieved this year, in particular your effort with your home learning in what has been difficult circumstances for you all. It has been fantastic to see you mature in your first year in KS2, I know you will go on to be fantastic young people. Your work ethic, team work and bond as a class is admirable and I know you will all continue to be A-Mazing in Year 4.


I wanted to think back to all the good times we had this year. For me some of the highlights have been,

  • A dinosaur leaving a huge footprint on the field- It can still be seen today!
  • Monday song and Friday song every week
  • Learning to sing Stand by Me – the gospel version!
  • Creating our CAMS models.
  • Creating our Rainforest display and zig zag booklets – we spent so much time on these and were really proud of the outcome
  • Visiting the Egyptian tomb to find artefacts (in our classroom) Your Egyptian Art work was outstanding; I have passed this to Miss Redgate to return to you.


I want to wish you all the best as you move to Year 4 and I know Miss Redgate is so excited to be teaching you. I have told her how A-Mazing you are! For now, goodbye and have a wonderful Summer!

See you in the new school year as Year 4 children – Class Sapphire!

Miss Clark

School re-opens for Pupils (Y1-6) on Thursday 27th August 2020