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Reading update:

The children have really mobilised over the last week or so and seem determined to beat me in our reading challenge. As it stands, they have overtaken me and are in the lead, but in order for this to remain the case, they must make sure that they are reading on a regular basis. Well done though Team Emerald! Let’s keep this momentum going.


Hello everyone,


Well last week was certainly a full-on week in Class Emerald. The children were working really hard on Friday investigating that age-old question…’how much stuff can I fit in my hand?’ In this case, we were investigating to see whether larger hands could hold more house point – an important question to ask given the children in Class Emerald all work really hard and are awarded a great many house points. We decided on our methodology, carried out our testing and then recorded and represented our results. The children did really well, given the challenge of recording and displaying their data.


This week, it is another busy, fun-packed week: we will be finishing our art unit, as well as preparing ourselves for some very important, seasonal RE. As well as all of this, we will be continuing with all the usual things as well, including tag rugby on Tuesday. Please remember that at this time of year, the ground is wet and there is a good chance the children will have wet feet after their PE lessons, so additional socks in their bags are highly recommended.



Have a good week all.


Mr Froud



Hello everyone. 



I am winning!

Please make sure your child is reading every night: this can be to you, a sibling, a pet, or anyone really. All I am asking the children to do is get the signature of an adult to show they have witnessed this happening and they will collect valuable points at school the next day.


This week things continue as they have over the past few weeks in Class Emerald. We will be continuing to use our scientific brains to help us interpret data within our science sessions. Our themed work on the Romans will also continue this week and having found out about why the Romans were able to not only keep their power over so many for so long but extend it as well, we will next be examining Roman settlements.


PE continues as before: we are moving closer to being able to play full games in tag rugby but there are a few more skills we need to work on prior to this point. This week, we will continue to develop our passing and movement, both on and off the ball. It is forecast to rain this Wednesday, so it would be advisable for the children to bring a spare pair of shoes and socks.


Thanks everyone,


Have a good week,


Mr Froud.

Hello everyone,


I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend.



Class Emerald and Mr Froud are locked in an epic battle. The winner will claim glory over the other and will triumphantly wave riches, the like of which have not been seen in a year 3/4 class before. We’re having a reading contest and it would be really great if you could read with your child every night and sign their reading diaries to show that this is happening. Every night the children read, they gain another vital point for the class cause. At the end of the term, if they beat me, I will buy them something awesome of their choice to help their learning or simply to enjoy in class. Please encourage your children to read regularly.


This week in Class Emerald, we are going to be putting our investigative hats back on as we plunge into some scientific investigations: we are going to start gently and then, over the course of the next few weeks, extend our critical thinking skills.


Please do also remember to log-in to Seesaw (our online learning resource) where you will be able to find homework tasks for your children on a weekly basis. We are going to be stepping up the work level on here to incorporate spellings as well as the other, more regular tasks as well.


As it has been for the last couple of weeks, our PE days remain to be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and this term are focussing on tag rugby and fitness-related tasks. So, if your children wake up a little sore from the day before, you know the reason for this. The aim is to get children moving and getting their heart rates up more often to encourage a healthy lifestyle.


Also, if you are a cross-country runner, the lunchtime club will be on Mondays – bring a change of shoes and socks.


Have a great week all,


Mr Froud



WB: 2nd November 2020

Hello everyone,


I hope you’ve all had lovely weekends – mine involved cycling in the rain and getting very wet and muddy! Fun!


This week in Class Emerald we are starting our hotly-anticipated tag rugby unit inn PE. This will be starting on Tuesday. Please remember that our PE day has changed from Monday – Tuesday now. With the weather being as unpredictable as it is, I would recommend that children bring with them a spare pair of socks and shoes to wear after the PE lesson as running around on the grass at this time of year will mean that they will get wet feet.


Other than that, this week is much the same as last: we will continue with our exciting topic of the Romans, in which we will continue to learn about the early conquests in Britain, but also how the brave Britons started to fight back and resist imperial rule.


Please not also that I am starting a real drive on reading at home from this week. Please do read with your children as often as is possible as this is something we need to work on as a class collective.


Many thanks,


Mr Froud

WB 26th October 2020

Hello everybody,


I hope you’ve all had a nice half term and have made the most of the remnants of the Great British ‘summer’.


I just want to say to you all that I am really excited to start the new half term and I thought I’d give you a flavour of some of the learning that we are going to start this week in Class Emerald. This half term, we will be travelling back in history 2000 years to the time of ancient Rome and those mighty conquerors, the Romans. We will be learning about the extent of their empire and how things didn’t always go their way…


We will be learning how to construct reports in our non-fiction writing this term within English and we will be strengthening our understanding of written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in maths. As well as all of this, there will be many other things besides going on in class.


One important change will be that one of our PE days will be changing from Monday to Tuesday, so the children will now need to remember to wear their PE kits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


I can’t wait to get stuck in!


Mr Froud

WB 12th October 2020

Hello everyone,


We have settled nicely into our new surroundings now and so far everything is going well. We had an exciting week last week with lots of science being done in class… I trust you all got your socks back!...


This week is the second week of parent phone consultations. Last week’s calls went well and I am looking forward to speaking to the rest of you this week and letting you know how your children are getting on in Class Emerald so far this year.


This week, we will be finishing off our unit on basketball in PE so that we can start our new unit of TAG RUGBY when we return to school after the half term. I, for one, am very excited about this. Additionally this week, we will also be doing some RE and exploring ‘belief’ from the points of view of various faiths.


Have a good week everyone.


Mr Froud



WB: 5th October 2020


Hello everyone,


A few notices for the week ahead:


Firstly, don’t forget that Class Emerald will be beginning their time in their new room this week. We will be in the library for the next few weeks. I will attach some pictures at the bottom of this message so you can see the new learning setting for yourselves.


Secondly, this week it is ‘Parents’ Evening. This year, as I am sure you already know, proceedings will be quite different. You will be in receipt of a phone call on either Tuesday of the coming week or the following Monday. If you still need to sign up for an appointment, please do before WB 12th October.


Thirdly, don’t forget that we need you all to continue to bring things in for our art project (see earlier post for details).


Thank you all,


Mr Froud

Class Emerald's temporary home

WB 28th September 2020


Hello everyone,

This week in Class Emerald, we have been learning about all sorts of exciting things. In maths, both years three and four have been strengthening their understanding of sequencing numbers as well as using their existing times table knowledge to work with larger, related numbers. Our English unit is coming to an end now and this has culminated in a piece of descriptive writing that draws on the children’s knowledge of different sentence types and an application of some pretty tricky new vocabulary.

This week has also marked an end to our geography topic ‘Our Land’ – a study of the UK – and the start to an exciting science unit all about the states of matter and how these can change. This will involve the children investigating and using their scientific knowledge to predict and record outcomes.

On Friday, the children will have a supply teacher in the class to help facilitate our class move and so we are advising that the children come to school in their PE kit so that some outdoor learning is possible.


I look forward to speaking to you next week.

Mr Froud.

WB 21st September 2020

Hello everyone,


I am delighted to announce that the children in Class Emerald seem to have adjusted to being in school again. In addition to this, we have remembered how to be really supportive and welcoming to a new student who has joined our class this week.


This week, we continue to work on our writing and use all of the different sentence types on which we have spent a lot of time working. The children are now really gelling and starting to act as a team; they are now habitually using our class walls as reference points and asking, across year groups when necessary, if they need help. Well done children – I am really proud of you.


As the nice weather of summer starts to abandon us, it would be a good idea for children to ensure that they bring coats with them every day, as well as an additional pair of socks and change of shoes. Several have been caught out by the weather this week.


Also, please remember that we are starting our art project soon and the children need to bring in all the things they will need for this (see previous post).


In the meantime,


Have a good week and I look forward to speaking to you soon.


Mr Froud

For our Art topic, we are going to create an Art Journal.

We would like everyone to bring in some items or images from home.  We will use the items to help build our Art Journal, so think of things you like, that might have an interesting texture or pattern.  The objects don't have to have a specific purpose, just to be something that you like or find interesting.  It could be a picture, a piece of paper or fabric, a shell or stick or leaf, old nuts and bolts, buttons, anything! 


Try to keep the items small about the size of your fist, and have them ready for the week beginning the 21st September.


Hello everyone!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer and are all looking forward to coming back to school for this new year. I know that it has been a long time (for most of you) since you were last here, but please try not to worry about the return to school because we will do everything we can to make your experience as fun and interesting as we possibly can.


I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and I can’t wait to get started. With that in mind, there are a few things that you need to remember:


  1. You will need to bring in a coat, lunch box, water bottle, an inhaler (if you use one) and a pair of trainers/socks to change into when needed.
  2. P.E. Next week we will begin our P.E lessons, which will be on Monday and Wednesdays outdoors.


You will need to remember to come into school wearing suitable P.E kits on those days. 


I will see you soon children.


Mr Froud


P.s. I have included some photos underneath to show you how our classroom will look when you arrive. You will all have your own equipment so you don’t need to bring in anything from home.


Your new classroom


Use your log in at home to practise

your times tables!





We still have a few places left for our new intake in to Foundation Stage (EYFS) for August 2021; if you want to find out more please do contact us.