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Good morning everyone.


Not only is today Friday, but it’s also the day before half term. I hope you all have a lovely week off and have lots of fun. However, we’re not there quite yet because we still have some work for you today…


Your maths today follows on from the work that you did yesterday. You will be working on unit 10, lesson 4 in your workbook (pages 129 – 131). Your English task today is a great one. It involves you writing a story about an escape from the clock tower. There is a checklist of things for you to include as well.


When you have written your story, why not take some pictures and post it on the blog so that I can have a read as well – I’d love to see some of your ideas.


Have a nice day guys,


Mr Froud

Reading Activity 18th May

This week can you create a map for they story you are reading or one you have read.

Use the main settings and label the journey your character takes. 

You can label the map with key vocabulary from the text.


Reading task - Week beginning 11th May 2020

Reading task - Week beginning 11th May 2020 1

English and maths - Friday 15th May 2020

Reading task - week beginning 04.05.20

Reading task - week beginning 04.05.20 1

English and maths: Tuesday 5th May 2020

Daily calculations

Reading work

Reading work 1

English and maths - Friday 1st May 2020

English and Maths - Wednesday 29th April 2020

Daily calculations

Daily calculations

English - Tuesday 28th April 2020

Daily Calculations

Daily Calculations

Daily Calculations

Daily Calculations

Tuesday 21st April - Daily activities

Good morning everyone!

I hope you all had a nice Easter and didn’t eat TOO much chocolate. We were really lucky with the weather weren’t we?


Back to work today though so below I have described the tasks for today as well as talking a little bit about the new ‘Activities for the week’ tab.


For your English task today, you are going to be watching a clip and reflecting on its content in a RIC read kind of way. Your maths topic now is statistics. Just look at the ‘Share’, ‘Discover’ and the ‘Think Together’ aspects today, before answering the work questions in your books tomorrow.


Your ‘Activities for the week’ are for you to do as you like over the course of the week and cover a range of school subjects. It is up to you to choose the order in which to complete them, but try to have a go at them all.


Lastly, I have included some written problems for you to have a go at to keep the methods fresh in your minds. I will be putting these up every week and in the coming days, there will be some videos going up on the school website to support you with these calculations. I will let you know when these are ready for you.


Have fun today and I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.


Mr. Froud

Reading Activity

Reading Activity 1

Daily Calculations

Writing: Our warm-up this morning was to write some sentences about a picture on the board.


Use your log in at home to practise

your times tables!





Half -Term is Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May there will be no online learning set - enjoy the sunshine!