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Eco Committee

Here is our School's Eco Code:


Our Eco Reps for 2022-23 are:

Years 1 and 2

Opal - Cayden 

Topaz - Osian

Jade - Rosie

Diamond - Kamilla

Ruby - Eloisa

Years 3 and 4

Onyx -  Isabelle   

Emerald - Lillian

Sapphire - Selim    

Garnet - Tilly

Quartz - Belle

Years 5 and 6

Larimar - Sophia

Moonstone - Pippa 

Serpentine - Ahmed  

Turquoise - Tobi

Amethyst - Keelynn


Join us as we take part in the Great British Spring Clean this term.

When the Wombles visited us :)

It was Green Day on Tuesday 8th November. We learnt how to save water and also how to litter pick safely. Here are Class Quartz having fun during the water assembly and during their safe litter pick! 

It was Polar Bear Day on Wednesday 6th July. We tried to reduce our use of electricity and water during the day to help reduce our Co2 emissions and, in turn, save the polar bears! We did lots of fun things in school including dressing in white, polar bear craft and outside games! We raised money to adopt a polar bear from the Arctic!


Autumn Term 2021 Green Day


We held a Maths inspired Green Day called 'The Power of 10' on Tuesday 30th November.

We did lots of fun activities in school and discussed all of the things we could do to help reduce climate change.

Can you do any of these things at home?


We also did our normal litter pick around school.


Our Green Days this term have focused upon our School Environment...keeping it tidy and free from litter.

We have plans afoot for other Eco projects this school year, and whilst we finalise these, do have a read about things we have done previously in school.

Plastic Free Break times

Here is a reminder of our school campaign for 'Plastic Free Breaktimes'.

We continue to want to make sure that our pupils have a snack at breaktime that follows this as much as possible because every little really helps to make a difference and reduce plastic waste.



Supersized Climate Superheroes

Although 2 years ago now, it is still worth celbrating the fact that our 2020-21 Eco Committee became Supersized Climate Superheroes and earned their very own Green Blue Peter Badges! They had to help complete pledges at school and at home, including reducing the amount of plastics, power and water they used. Blue Peter were especially pleased to hear that the Eco Committee had helped to encourage pupils in school to have a reusable water bottle and reduce their plastic waste at break times. The achievement is a first for our Eco Committee and they should be very proud of themselves for spreading the eco message throughout the year and earning their well deserved Green Blue Peter badges. Well done :)






An Eco Art Green Day we had was a great success and children enjoyed making Christmas decorations out of plastic bottle tops and lids thatcouldn't be recycled.

Each class worked to decorate a tree using the hand-crafted decorations, and these decorated trees were placed around the school for all to see. There was some debate about using glitter on our decorations, as most glitter products are made from plastic, which contributes to the growing problem of microplastics in the environment, however, we made the decision to use supplies of glitter we already had in school, but not to purchase any more of the type we have historically purchased (the type probably every primary school in the UK has purchased for years gone by!); we just wanted you to know that as it is important to us.


Class Opal's day.


Class Onyx's day.



Class Garnet's creations.




The school looked very Christmassy thanks to the effort put in by every class. It was a BIG Thank you to everyone!

Green Day Tuesday 9th July

The theme was 'get sorted for summer' which involved having a big tidy up of the school and grounds. We did fun activities in school as usual and are asked children to wear green and donate 50p.

We also reminded everyone about our 'plastic free breaktime' initiative - please make sure you are continuing to support your child in this. 

Our Spring Green Day


It was centered around the theme of 'waste' and involved wearing green and donating 50p towards some new compost caddies and a school wormery.

We discussed our aim to reduce our overall waste in school and launched the 'plastic free breaktime' campaign where we hope children will start bringing in snacks at breaktime without plastic packaging.


We also looked at local crisp packet recycling and how to reduce the waste of milk at home (millions of gallons are wasted each year).




Click here for more information and activities from Leicestershire waste services: 


We also be took part in The Great British Spring Clean:

October Green Day - the evidence in action - thank you for your donated bulbs!

Green Day - Tuesday 30th October

We had lots of fun on Green Day, including litter picking and planting bulbs around school!

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